Chicago in the Beer and Now

Is there a draft in here?

I spent some time photographing beer and its Chicago co-conspirators for Imbibe magazine, working at four notable spots: Revolution Brewing (the cover), Hopleaf, The Map Room and Owen and Engine.

Drywall stilts come in handy -

Revolution Brewing is located about eight doors south of my studio.  How convenient.

Josh Deth, proprietor

Cask conditioning in the basement. And Little 500 bike parking.

in case you want to show loyalty to the Revolution -

The Hopleaf is an institution in the Andersonville neighborhood of Chicago. Owner Michael Roper is remarkably passionate and knowledgable about All Things Beer and Chicago politics.  I’m just guessing here, but I imagine the two go hand in hand.

Michael Roper, owner, Michael & Louise's Hopleaf Bar


The poured beer in each picture is Allagash, from Maine's Allagash Brewing Company, Portland. Roper's choice.We eventually found the Map Room in Bucktown. Check out the taps that run along the driver's side of the bar: none of them have the big ad levers. This way they can gang up more taps than usual and the bartender can work across the bar without getting lost in a forest of levers. Cool, eh?She too is drinking an Allagash.

A Reissdorf Kolsch, somewhere in the South Pacific.

Owen & Engine is more a restaurant than bar or pub, although it specializes in beers, and the pairing of those beers with their menu.  They have a certified cicerone on staff to hep you with that.

Cicerone Elliott Beier with his Two Brothers Hop Juice double IPA

Yes, Beier.





"Hoss" Rye Marzen, Great Divide Brewing Company

Thanks to Elliott I am a reformed hop-head.  I now favor bitter.  Good stuff, that.


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