Giant Origami Blackbirds Alight in my Studio Windows

Milwaukee Avenue’s got two new spectators.  After staring at the rolls backdrop paper leaning against a corner of my studio for a little too long I took action.  They’re folded from 9′ x 9′ squares.  They keep me informed about goings-on.

headed for my studio windows

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  1. Impressive! I can barely fold a 9″x9″ crane, so I find these rather stunning. The front of your studio is gorgeous as well– handy that it came with its own installation space. I’m vaguely reminded of some other birds I recently saw in an old Portland storefront window:

    Happy Folding!

    • Thanks! Up close they’re a little scrappy – background paper’s pretty brittle. I like that about them. From across the street they look like the little birds most people have met.

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