I brought along a granola bar because I knew we’d be going forward in time.

I drove 100 miles from downtown Chicago for the privilege of getting lost twice before arriving at my shoot location: a small farm with a large DeLorean.  Among his collection of lovingly-modified DMCs is the D-Rex, a monster truck that enthusiast Rich Wiessensel built himself, presumably to manage Chicago’s brutal winter traffic and daze drive-thru employees.  Add to that a Delorean stretch limo, a hovercraft, a Back to the Future prop car and a barn full of parts in anticipation of some future mischief.  Because so many DeLoreans were at my destination, I assumed my late arrival would be irrelevant.  And despite the fact that we’d arranged a mid-winter date to take pictures for a spring issue of Road King magazine, Rich Wiessensel didn’t seem bothered by the cold weather at all.

The following group were shot in June of 2018.  Still a little chilly, but since we were running low on plutonium we made it work.














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