The Truck within a Truck Arrived at 9:15 am.

After it was lowered to the street I waited patiently for another, smaller truck to come out of that one.  Full of rodeo clowns.  It didn’t, or at least it didn’t during the time I was driving and photographing it for the GMC owner’s magazine this last fall.    Never could explain the occasional snickers and requests for chili from somewhere near the luggage compartment, though –

Like shepherding an out-of-town friend, I took the shiny black Terrain to see nice views (from Northerly Island)

And over a few of the Chicago River’s bridges:

We went for a Rattlesnake Sausage with Citrus Mojo Mayonnaise, Espresso Bellavitano Cheese and Crispy Fried Onions at Hot Doug’s Encased Meat Emporium :

(don’t forget the duck-fat fries)

We watched a gangster movie.

and then headed off to Willis (formerly Sears) Tower for a look from the observation deck on the 110th floor.  Since the Terrain wouldn’t fit in the freight,  I waved at it from the nifty glass ledge they’ve just installed up there (photo of me in handstand courtesy David Ettinger).  Doing the handstand made me feel like Superman.  Well, Superman plummeting towards Earth:

At the end of the day I took the Terrain back to its hotel, exhausted.

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