I think my dad had his baby shoes bronzed

I suppose this would be on a more federal level. Bronze Statue #4: on a recent trip to Washington DC, I found this guy inside his namesake giant obelisk.

American Bronzing claims to have bronzed over 14 million baby shoes since 1934. Although they also feature an image of a bronzed pacifier mounted on a walnut plaque, it doesn’t appear they go much further than tot stuff. The Bronzery, however, gives rates for adult ice skates ($338.95 and up for the pair). And boxing gloves ($606.95 and up per pair). Bowling pin? No prob. $235.95. A baseball’s $89.95, but a football must be problematic: “call for quote.” Rubber chicken. Bagel. Athletic supporter. Wow. I must confess it has me looking around my studio at things my own alchemy couldn’t transform.

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