Bronze statue two

Smokehouse Pig, St Louis, Missouri

an iphone picture, in front of Annie Gunn’s, a smokehouse dining extravaganza in St Louis, Missouri.  Check out the menu when you have a chance:   Grilled North American Elk Ribeye (10 oz.) with a Roasted Ribier Black Grape “Minus-8” Glaze and White Truffle Hand Cut Fries.  Wow.  Nearby Creve Coeur Missouri is home to Monsanto, topic of a Forbes assignment in late December – their 2009 Company of the Year.  CEO Hugh Grant has an excellent Scottish accent.

January 18, 2010

The corn was brought in, still cold from harvest,  by the farmer who grew it.  Early the next morning we headed to a series of R&D greenhouses where, we were told, nothing we saw was grown from a seed.

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  1. Excellent use of Photomerge. I can almost smell the ozone from the greenhouse’s lights. Come to think of it, maybe the smell was coming from the “corn”…

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